Every item for sale on our website has an authenticity guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event that any item is ever found to be inauthentic, we will refund 100% of your money back including postage costs. We also offer a convenient 14-day returns policy so you can examine the item in person and be assured of its authenticity without fear of being locked into a sale.

At BoutiQi Bags, we understand customers’ concerns when it comes to shopping for luxury items online.
We’ve all heard a horror story or two; you may even have been a victim yourself! People are often tricked into purchasing fake goods online, myself including (on numerous occasions). I have been a victim of such scams myself, and this is partly the reason why I decided to create my own secure, friendly online store for authentic luxury items.

We have our own trusted suppliers around the globe from where all our products are sourced and with whom we have formed a close business partnership. Our suppliers transact hundreds of items each day and are highly trained to spot and reject any replicas before offering them to us. Once we receive the items, we conduct extensive examinations ourselves. Further, for the buyer’s peace of mind, we provide an authenticity certificate from Authenticate4u with EVERY item sold.
We understand that anyone can advertise luxury goods for sale and claim that they are ‘authentic’. As a customer looking to make a purchase, it is sometimes hard to take the store’s own word for it, especially when it comes to your first online purchase. This is why we believe that it is only fair that these authenticity certificates be issued by a separate authenticator, as they can provide their unbiased opinion on the authenticity of the items.

If you’re unfamiliar with different online authenticators, then let us assure you that, in our experience, Authenticate4u is the best. They are well-known for authenticating many designer brands and only clear, high-quality photographs are accepted for authentication.
In order to issue an authenticity certificate, photographs of the item’s every detail and angle are required, which are then examined and crosschecked by their highly skilled authenticators. In our own opinion, and I am certain that of many others, Authenticate4u is the most accurate online authenticating service, and this is why we chose them.