Please contact us by email if you would like to purchase an item by using our Layaway option.
In most cases we offer a 30-day Layaway plan for items priced up to £2500 or a 60-day Layaway plan for items priced over £2500.
With all Layaway plans we require a 20% down payment and the remaining 80% payment at any time before the end of the plan.

If you require a Layaway plan more suitable to yourself then please contact us by email and we may be able to help.

Once you have made the initial down payment, you will be able to make as many small payments as needed until the balance is completed, or you can simply pay the full 80% remaining balance all at once.
All Layaway plans can be paid off early by completing the full balance, once the full balance has been completed we will send the item to you.

Please note – Not all of our items may be available on a Layaway plan, some items may become available on a Layaway plan at a later date if not already sold.


Layaway Cancellation / Return

Our Layaway Orders are completely free as long as there is no cancelation or return.
There is a 10% service fee on a 30-day Layaway plan or a 15% service fee on a 60-day Layaway plan. The Layaway service fee is calculated to the full sale value of the item and will be deducted from the refund balance in the event of a cancelation or return of a Layaway item. This applies to cancellations prior to shipping as well as items returned after purchase.


Late Payments / Non Payment

If for any reason you are unable to pay the Layaway items full balance before the end of the plan then you should let us know by email as soon as possible, in certain circumstances we may be able to help by offering a payment extension.
If by the end of the Layaway plan we have not received the full balance, nor have we received any contact from you then we reserve the right to refund the balance paid to date minus the Layaway service fee and re-list the item available for sale.